New Hope Baptist Church
Saturday, September 24, 2022
Where You Are Somebody and Christ is Lord!!!

About Us

Doctrinal Statement                                      

At New Hope Baptist Church we believe in the following:
1. We believe that the Bible is the true word of God. We believe that through the centuries God has protected His word, keeping it infallible and inerrant. It is through God's word, and through it alone, that builds our doctrine and faith for our Christian lives.
2. We believe in a triune GOD. Which is that the Godhead consists of three seperate entities, that make up the one true God.
God - Our Creator and heavenly Father.
God the Holy Spirit - God's presence on Earth that leads the church until Christ returns
God the Son - No one other than Jesus Christ. He is God manifest in the flesh. He came to Earth as the promised Savior to die for the sins of mankind. He now waits in Heaven at the right hand of GOD for the time when He will return to establish His kingdom on Earth.
3. We believe in the devil. The devil is real. He is a fallen angel, formerly know as Lucifer, who attempted to take the throne of GOD and was banished to the Earth. He will be finally sentenced to the eternal lake of fire after the millenial reign of Christ. He is responsible for the evil on the planet and his main desire is to tempt man to sin against God.
4. We believe in the fall of man. We believe that man was created with free will and willingly sinned against God in the Garden of Eden. Since that time, man has been born into the world as a sinner and needs to be redeemed through Jesus Christ, who laid down His life for the final atonement of our sins.
5. We believe in salvation. We believe that salavtion is only through faith in Jesus Christ. Jesus is God in the flesh, who came to Earth to die for our sins. He was crucified, paying the final price for sin, to allow man a way to be born again into the family of God. He not only died, but He rose again the third day, showing His victory over sin and death, and showing us the promise of a new eternal life to all who accept Him as their Lord and Savior.
6. We believe in a seven day creation period. In the Bible you can see the creation account in the the first two chapters of Genesis.  We believe that these are seven literal 24 hour days. If you can't believe this, then what can you believe?


Paster Dr. Dennis Maxwell
Minister of Music  Diane Reed
Pianist Bonnie Case
Treasurer James Russell
Deacons Randy Hunziker and James Russell
Trustees Jerry Benne, Dan Couch, Jim Croy and Bob Murphy
Church Clerk Kelli Hargrove
Sunday School Director Randy Hunziker 
Asst Sunday School Director Tessa Scheperle
Teachers Preschool - Shawna Williamson
  Younger Children: Dorothy Croy
  Older Childern: Carrie Couch
  Youth: Carrie Russell
  Adult 1: Diane Reed
  Senior Adult: Glenda Maxwell